Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Would you like to help!!

Hi lovely friends,

No card on this post but I will be back later today with our new challenge at Creative Card Crew.

Do you, or someone in your family suffer from Asthma, if so then you'll appreciate how it affects everyday life.
Sadly quite a few members of our family suffer from Asthma, my lovely daughter and grandson (her son) do,  that's why Claire has chosen this charity to run for on Sunday in the Great North Run.

Her dad has run the race for the last 21 years,  she used to say he was mad, but last year she came as a spectator and was so moved she made a pledge to run in the next race.

 I know she won't mind me telling you that over the last 2 years she has gone down from 17 stone and dispite Asthma really loves to run now.

She was training well up to a few weeks ago but then had an injury. She was leading her partners horse out of the field when he stood on her foot and broke her second toe OUCH!!!!!
She was more upset that she would be out of the race, and has only been able to run again last week.
As she won't be able to run at her dads pace as planned he will but staying at her pace for support.

That's why I wanted to share her story with you, i'm bursting with pride that she is still going to  do the race even as she says...  'If I have to walk all the way'....
She has nearly reached half way with her sponsorship so if anyone could sponsor her that would be fantastic... please click her photo on my side bar.
 if that's not possible maybe you could put her picture and link to the giving site on your blog.

 If you can help in either way please come back and leave me a comment.

Thank you so much for listening, i'll post some pics and let you know how she gets on.

Love cherie   //*.*\\

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